Relaxation is the gateway to the stillness within.

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Yoga Den yoga studio

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Yoga Den yoga studio
carlsbad reflexology treatment and training center
Yoga Den yoga studio
Yoga Den yoga studio
The spiritual healing sounds of

This music is a powerful, living breathing entity among us. It speaks to all our hearts and minds. Sounds that allow us to unite us all in physical, emotional, and spiritual health!
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Yoga studio in carlsbad ca yoga studio oceanside ca
Corporate Yoga
carlsbad ca yoga studio
This is a program of 90 minute yoga sessions and discussions, suitable for beginners and more experienced students.
massage and yoga in carlsbad caYou’ll learn about:
Stretching Postures
Meditation Techniques
and Breathing Exercises

pacific reflexology training in carlsbad ca
carlsbad reflexology treatment and training center
Yoga classes in north san diego Yoga Pacific coast
Threapeutic Yoga
Dennis instructs directly to the level of the students in the room. Dennis artfully guide you to learning techniques and poses that address each students specific issues.

Classes are designed with the intention of keeping less experienced students safe and present while directing more experienced students to practice within their own safe physical abilities. Yoga Den

Special: Private Instruction only $75.00 (up to 5 people).

We Also Have **Gift Certificates Available**

Yoga classes in north san diego
Yoga Den yoga studio chair yoga classes in oceanside california

Chair Yoga

Lisa teaches Chair Yoga Tues. Mornings 10am at MeadowLark Church 1918 redwing st. San Marcos,ca 92078. This class is based on donation only. If you would like a private session please call 760- 473-7677 or Email Lisa to make an appt.

Yoga Den yoga instruction in carlsbad california
Yoga Den yoga studioPeace and Love,
Yoga Den therapuetic yogaDennis & Lisa

yoga studio in san diego
Yoga Den yoga studio Yoga Dennis Yoga instructor

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